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Trained Fruit in Historic Kitchen Gardens

Webinar: 15th of March 2022
Practical workshop: 30th to 31st of August 2022, in the UK.

The all day-webinar about Trained Fruit was hosted by PlantNetwork and had these topics:

  • The importance of wall fruit in the history of kitchen gardens
  • Exploiting microclimates for a wide range of fruit: how a new design utilises historic knowledge to react to affects of climate change
  • Fruit growing as an art form
  • Walls, wires, tags and trellises
  • Choice of cultivars and rootstocks. Pruning Lorette v. modified Lorette
  • Indoor trained fruit: peaches, grapes and figs
  • Fruit growing in Community settings: training people to train fruit

Susan Campbell, Walled Kitchen Garden Network
Andy Lewis, The Newt, Somerset
Hilary Theaker, Hampton Court
Ceridwen Davies, Dyffryn Gardens, National Trust
Jim Arbury, RHS Horticultural Specialist, Wisley Gardens
Mick Brown Production Garden Manager and team, Chatsworth Gardens
Hervé Mauclère, Yvette Vallée  Community Orchard

See the program for more information.

Photo: Kate Nicoll

Audley End, not far from the city of Cambridge, is the venue for our Trained Fruit in Historic Kitchen Gardens-workshop. Their kitchen garden is over a hectare, with espaliered pears, condons, fan trained plums and figs and apples, – in other words – the perfect venue for our practical workshop in August.

The workshop is now full and it is not possible to apply any longer.

Workshop venue

Audley End - venue for the trained fruit-workshop

Audley End - venue for the trained fruit-workshop