Jim Arbury

Jim Arbury, Fruit and Trials Specialist, Royal Horticultural Society

He has had a lifelong interest in growing fruit and vegetables and has cultivated them since he was a child. After studying Botany and Geography at Sheffield University, he started working at Wisley in 1982 . For most of that time he has worked in the Fruit section, carrying out all aspects of fruit growing.
He enjoy instructing trainees, staff and visitors. He has written articles and sections of books including the tree fruit section of the RHS Vegetable and Fruit Growing. Jim has also written a book on pears and one on plums which describe some of the more well-known cultivars. In the autumn he is involved in fruit identification at the four RHS Gardens and at events.

Jim Arbury

Jim Arbury: Activities


Webinar date: 2022/03/15
Practical Workshop:
From date: 2022/08/30
To date: 2022/08/31
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