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Pathways and stone wall management in Historic Gardens

Webinar: 21st of November 2023
Practical workshop: 27th to 28th of August, 2024, at Gunnebo, Sweden

The ‘Pathways and stone wall management in Historic Gardens’-activities will be organised by Gunnebo House and Gardens.

Old stone wall at Vea
Photo: Arild Kristiansen

Pathways and stone walls

Pathways and stone walls are structural core elements of most historic gardens. The pathways of the garden might be hidden under layers of soil and only faintly detectable. They vary in the materials that are used, durability and purpose. What could be the history of a pathway and how can it be maintained sustainable into the future?

Behind stone walls in historic gardens and the landscape surrounding them lies a diverse history. Masonry techniques, materials, maintenance work and ecological impact depend on their age, context and surroundings. The building, maintenance and restoration of these structures require significant skills both concerning practical workmanship as well as a deep understanding of their diverse values.

Webinar content

This webinar will present different approaches and teaching from a variety of international experts concerning these two elements that is both part of the green and the built cultural heritage of historic gardens. Challenges due to climate change will be discussed as well as how modern technology can be used for documentation before deconstructing and re-laying stone structures. We will address how to collect knowledge of a craft that in some parts of the world is diminishing rapidly and how to spread it both for craftsmen and the public.

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Pathways and stone wall management in Historic Gardens

Webinar date: 2023/11/21
Practical Workshop date: 2024/08/27

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