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Management of orangery plants in Historic Gardens

Webinar: 7th of November 2023
Practical Workshop: 10th – 11th of September 2024, at Het Loo in The Netherlands

Orangeries can be considered as a kind of symbiosis between plants and garden architecture. Some plants would not be able to survive in our climate without the protection delivered by the orangeries and without the plants, orangeries would be meaningless and not even exist.

The exchange of knowledge about the care and maintenance of the plant stocks in the orangeries, about the preservation and development of the orangery buildings and related outdoor spaces and the about plant design and practical horticultural expertise are important.

Green house
Kitchen Garden Schloss Dyck – Photo: EGHN


In the webinar we discuss orangeries, their plants and their structures. We cover planting substrates, water and nutrient requirements, plants in the winter quarters, pruning and repotting. When it comes to structures, we address the history of orangeries, their modernisation (e.g. to reduce the carbon footprint) and the design of the spaces around the buildings.


The outcomes of the webinar will then be followed up and practical guidance and advice will be shared. EGHN, Schloss Dyck Foundation and Paleis Het Loo are working together to develop av program for the practical, on-site workshop. The venue for the workshop is Het Loo in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, at Koninklijk Park 16.

Day 1, 10.09.2024, 09:00 – 17:30

Practical workshop at Het Loo, covering these topics:

  • Grafting
  • Pruning / bending / tying
  • Soil mixtures
  • Feeding
  • Biological disease control
  • Identification
  • Visit of the Victorian greenhouses

Day 2, 11.09.2024, 08:30 – 16:00

Study trip to see different forms of orangeries and glasshouses at Huis Landfort.

A detailed program will be developed and uploaded to this site.

Part of Het Loo, by/Het Loo


  • Renske Ek (Het Loo)
  • Willem Zieleman (Het Loo)
  • Stefan Vidts (Freyr and own collection)
  • Rick Mensink (Twickel) (t.b.c)
  • Thies Koggel (Rosendael) (t.b.c)
  • René Chr. Dessing (stichting Erfgoed Landfort)
  • Jan de Boer (stichting Erfgoed Landfort)

More information

The workshop is for horticultural professionals, beginners and students.

The workshop is a part of the Erasmus+ funded project Craft Skills for Garden Conservation, so there is no course fee. But the participants must pay their own travel costs, food and accommodation. A contribution of 30 € per person for transportation and food during the workshop, might be asked for.

Apply here
Application deadline: 15th of August 2024.


Marcus Weiss was a speaker on the Orangery-webinar.
Stefan was one of the speakers on the Management of Orangery-plants webinar
Claudia is one of the speakers on the Orangery-webinar.
Willem is the former Head Gardener at Paleis Het Loo National Museum in The Netherlands, now a garden advisor.
Kate Nicoll is the workshop coordinator in the Craft Skills for Garden Conservation project, and in that way, more or less involved in all project activities.
Joakim has a PhD in Garden Conservation and works at Gunnebo House and Gardens and the University of Gothenburg.

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Management of orangery plants in Historic Gardens

Webinar date: 2023/11/07
Practical Workshop date: 2024/09/10

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