Hervé Mauclère

Hervé Mauclère is the Trained Fruit expert at Yvette Vallée in Transition’, near Paris, France.

Rediscover the place of agriculture and the local economy, of biodiversity, of citizen participation, in the resilience of our territories. Putting Biophilia at the center of urban design. Design, construction and maintenance of orchards, transmission of know-how and sharing in terms of planting, cultivation, training pruning, grafting of fruit trees. Reintroduction of old varieties, with nutritional and seasonal qualities that allow consumption all year round. Educational interventions for special care or pruning for the rehabilitation of orchards, planting or maintenance of fruit trees, or fruit processing.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Former State Urbanist Architect, “Architecte des Bâtiments de France “of Essonne then of Paris, member of the Ile de France apple eaters, aware of the need for a return to fruit growing and local production in our region, I dedicate all my activities around the sharing of know-how and varieties in perdition, which I transmit in my valley, in the southwest of Paris. Urban planning Landscape, agriculture, the time has come to change the priorities and criteria for land use planning, to bring back competence, participation, vision, modesty, to change scale and tools, and to respect our cities and their inhabitants for a balance necessary to rebuild together. The future lies in «urban permaculture», where the use of the city must include, not the simple fact of housing or working there, but also the possibility of meeting, of eating in a certain » good life» socially and economically shared. A world of local interaction is to be built in all areas. After an international and diversified career in the private sector, and 10 years as a State Urban Architect in the Paris region, at the Ministry of Culture, I am now an actor in cities in transition and I participate in any action allowing the creation and development of to support collective local resilience projects. Since August 1, 2018, I have devoted myself exclusively to this, in the Vallée de Chevreuse, a future territory with food autonomy. After the orchard of the inhabitants in Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse, with its 500 trees, and its 6 nurseries, more than 250 varieties of old fruits found, Several orchards and vegetable gardens will be planted for a new local production shared with the inhabitants.

Hervé Mauclère: Activities


Webinar date: 2022/03/15
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From date: 2022/08/30
To date: 2022/08/31
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