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Webinar – Conservation of historic fruit and kitchen gardens

We are happy to share this invitation from Amis du Potager du Roi and the Walled Kitchen Gardens Network with you – to a webinar in February.
Dear All  
We are very happy to invite you to the first webinar of the new cycle of the European symposium for the conservation of historic fruit and kitchen gardens that will take place, as announced, on:     February 23 2023, 10-12  (9-11 AM  UK time)

In this session, we will have two presentations /discussions :   How to restore a late 17th century fruit and kitchen garden, how to make it relevant to the needs of today’s society ? By Jemima de Brauwere, manager of the estate of  Zuylestein that her family is committed to since 1630. Please visit the Zuylestein property (near Utrecht in the Netherlands) https://www.landgoed-zuylestein.nl/     Issues and questions when trying to adapt to climate change. FourEuropean head-gardeners and gardeners will help us start exchanging these issues with presenting three specific cases :  Vegetables at Audley End by Kelly Fowler and  Gemma Sturges,  Trees at Chambord by Julien Billon Water at Glorieux park (near Eindhoven) by  Rob Plomp and Hennes Claassen  (Dutch Head-gardeners Guild) We believe we will  discuss these issues further in the second cycle of the symposium.    

If, as we hope, you intend to attend this February session, please tell us so we can send you the link to the webinar.  

Call for ancient bird’s eye views of fruit and kitchen gardens :
For the restoration of her fruit and kitchen garden, Jemima De Brauwere used an ancient bird’s eye view… Do you have / do you know of such ancient bird’s eye view ? If so please tell, so that we can inform people about these treasures in a next issue of the newsletter.    
Contact amisdupotagerduroi@yahoo.fr for more information.

With our best wishes for the New Year,
Thanks and kind regards,  

The organizing Committee.  

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Webinar – Conservation of historic fruit and kitchen gardens

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The webinar topics are Management of Orangery plants, Pathways and Stone Wall management and Ponds and Fountains, – all related to historic gardens of course.
We are happy to share this announcement from The Walled Kitchen Gardens Network – about their upcoming Forum:
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