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The webinar topics are Management of Orangery plants, Pathways and Stone Wall management and Ponds and Fountains, – all related to historic gardens of course.

The webinar-season is here in our Craft Skills for Garden Conservation-project, and the last three all day winter webinars are coming up. Don’t miss out these opportunities to listen to the speakers presenting their expertise, to «meet» peers and participate on Q&A’s on the following dates:
Orangery-webinar: 7th of November, 2023
Pathway-webinar: 21st of November, 2023
Ponds-webinar: 16th of January, 2024

All the webinars are free to join and will be hosted on Zoom from 09:00 to 15:30/16:00 (GMT+0:00).

The Craft Skills for Garden Conservation hosting partners are working on the agenda and program for the webinars as we speak. The first two has a draft already, and you can find the link to the programs on this page or in the topics specific pages:
Management of Orangery plants in Historic Gardens
Pathways and stone wall management in Historic Gardens

The ponds and fountains-webinar is the last one out, in January, and the program is to be decided soon.
But you may read more about the topic and the host – Paleis Het Loo, on the Ponds and fountains in Historic Gardens-page.

All of the three topic webinars will be followed up by practical on site workshops in 2024.
Read more about this in the articles mentioned above.

Green house
Photo: EGHN – Orangery plants
Stone amfi at Vea
Photo: Arild Kristiansen Stone wall management
Photo: Paleis Het Loo – Ponds and fountains

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