Dr. Tijana Blanusa

Dr. Tijana Blanusa

Dr. Tijana Blanusa, RHS, is one of the speakers at the Hedges-webinar. Her presentation is about Ecosystem services of urban hedges.

Tijana Blanusa is a Principal Horticultural Scientist, and leads and delivers RHS research on the environmental benefits of gardens and urban green infrastructure. She is particularly interested in the contribution of plants to urban cooling, rainfall mitigation and air quality improvement. She and her colleagues are working to understand what underlying plant traits are most successful at this so that these plants can be harnessed to deliver multiple benefits.

Her post is based at the University of Reading (School of Agriculture, Policy and Development) where she teach a Part 3 / MSc module on Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services and supervise undergraduates, masters and PhD students.

Dr. Tijana Blanusa

Dr. Tijana Blanusa: Activities


On the 7th of February 2023, Gunnebo House and Gardens is hosting the webinar on Hedges and Topiary cultivation in Historic Gardens.


Webinar date: 2023/02/07
Practical Workshop:
From date: 2023/06/28
To date: 2023/06/29
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