Chris Cronin

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Chris is an engineer by discipline and has worked in the live entertainment industry for much of his life, designing and constructing stage sets for some of the largest rock bands on the circuit. He, and his wife Karen, purchased the Walled Gardens at Croome Court in Worcestershire back in 2000 with a firm intent to convert the dilapidated site into their dream home. However, the universe had different plans and they were slowly seduced into becoming the lucky custodians of Britains largest Georgian Walled Kitchen Garden.

Due to his engineering background, Chris has been able to apply his knowledge to the current needs of the Garden, whilst following in the footsteps of the great Capability Brown, who set the standard by installing the original hydraulic irrigation system, back in 1760. The Dipping Pond, which is the life source of the Garden, is now fully restored and performing way beyond its original design brief.

Chris and his wife Karen are the custodians of Croome Court and Walled Garden, which they have been restoring since 2000.

During the webinar Ponds and Fountains, Chris will share his experiences with renovating the dipping pool of Croome Walled Garden.

Chris Cronin

Chris Cronin

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Webinar date: 2024/01/16
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