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Ingeborg Sørheim

Ingeborg Sørheim teaches Garden Art History and Cultural Heritage at Vea and is one of the tutors on the Soil-workshop.

She was asked in 2011 to start the Garden Heritage education at the school and is now leading three programmes on this theme. She has a master’s degree in History of Arts from University in Oslo and has also studied Restoration of Historical Gardens at NMBU, Journalism and Practical Pedagogy, – both at OsloMet.

She writes articles on garden heritage topics for several Norwegian magazines and is the author of the book “Mjøsgårdene” (2012), – on heritage farms around the lake Mjøsa. Ingeborg also runs a cultural heritage-based business at her home farm. For this, she has received the National Cultural Heritage Award “Olavsrosa”, and the “National Cultural Landscape Award”.

Ingeborg Sørheim: Activities


Five videos from the Soil Management-workshop at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea in May are now available.


Webinar date: 2022/02/08
Practical Workshop:
From date: 2022/05/24
To date: 2022/05/25
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