Kirscht is one of the speakers at the webinar Trees in Climate Change in Historic Gardens, on the topic: «Preserving garden monuments – Care and replanting of trees in historic gardens».

She studied landscape planning at Hannover University and did her doctorate in forest sciences at Göttingen University. Having lived abroad for several years (Italy and mostly Sweden) she returned to Germany in 2014 and started working in the field of the preservation of garden monuments, first in Baden-Württemberg and later also in Weimar, Thuringia. Today she is head of the historic garden department of Palaces and Gardens Baden-Württemberg. Her team takes care of eight of the most precious historic gardens owned by the state Baden-Württemberg. When it comes to questions regarding garden conservation, she and her colleagues deal with 50+ historic gardens and parks throughout the country. How climate change affects the historic gardens and their trees, and what to do about it if your task is to preserve certain pictures and what you call the original substance of a garden monument is what dominates her work on a daily basis.