Alison Crook

Alison is the National Curator for Living Collections at the National Trust, leading a team which provides plant curation, collections and conservation support, to all 220+ gardens and parklands.  The National Trust holds 24 National Plant Collections and many more property collections of historic, cultural and botanic significance.  Alison’s areas of responsibility are:  plant curation and collections management (including identification, verification, research, documentation and standards);  plant propagation and nursery management (including oversight of the Plant Conservation Centre);  and the development and integration of various plant collection and nursery management systems. 

Alison is a speaker on the Ornamental Plant-webinar on the topic Keeping track – plant records and how to manage them.

Alison Crook

Alison Crook: Activities


Follow all the speaker’s interesting presentations during the all day webinar on this large and important topic in Garden Conservation!


Webinar date: 2022/11/15
Practical Workshop:
From date: 2023/07/11
To date: 2023/07/12
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